Diary of a Henna Addict: Entry #5

There’s this idea that has been playing in my head for a while now. One thing that you guys have to know about me is that I am a geek. Well, I was always a geek, but I recently unleashed my geekiness after marriage (my husband is a geek!)

Superheroes, Sci-fi, Detective shows….

All led up to Fan Expo Toronto. It’s an awesome convention of all things geeky: shows, movies, comics, manga, anime, and video-games. And of course, ARTISTS GALORE!!! So anyway, I was thinking that maybe I can take my henna art to Fan Expo and let the two world collide.

So I tried something today…

Superman! #ManOfSteel

Superman! #ManOfSteel

Yup! Superman logo henna tattoo! It did come out a bit lumpy and sloppy, but this is the general idea. Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Ironman, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Castle, etc etc. If I get enough practice by next summer, I feel I can pull this off. Not only that, I would also like to place henna merchandise, like henna-ed candles, boxes, paper fans, etc. What do you guys think?

Pretty please leave a comment below with your opinion! Thank you!

**Example of what I can do**

**Example of what I can do**

Diary of a Henna Addict: Entry #4

Hi guys! I am back in action. Sorry I have been MIA for the past month, but recently, I have  gotten really busy with life and what not. I have started taking on-line courses and have actually started managing social media for a local business. That plus daily chores and things, I really haven’t had the chance to sit down and write.

Today’s entry is actually a review of one of the Henna Pastes that I have tried out recently.


Dulhan Henna Cone

I really love this paste for many many reasons.

First of all, this paste is all natural. This means that it is composed of all natural ingredients and does not contain any chemicals. The nature of the henna plant is such that when made into a paste and applied to skin, it has to be left on for at least 4-5 hours for the color to be absorbed into the skin properly.  That being said, if a paste leaves deep color within 5 to 10 minutes of application, it means that the paste is loaded with chemicals and is generally bad for the skin. This type of paste can cause mild irritation, not to mention a lasting uncomfortable tingly feeling. I have heard of cases where the concentration of the chemicals in the cone was so high that it burnt an imprint of the design into the skin. The Dulhan Henna Cone, however, is completely natural and does not have any adverse reaction to the skin.

Another thing that I really about this cone is the consistency in the color throughout the design, which is also attributed to the all-natural factor of the paste. Most pastes, when applied to the wrist and arm, stain them in a very light orange or sickly yellow coloring. This paste, on the other hand, leaves a beautiful consistent color everywhere, which is a winning factor for me.

The Beautiful color of the Dulhan Henna Cone

The Beautiful color of the Dulhan Henna Cone

Lastly, this henna, when it starts to fade away, actually fades away. Other henna pastes that I have tried (most of which are chemical induced) all peel away, making the hands uncomfortable and scratchy to the touch.

However, as much as I like this paste, I shall keep trying new ones and letting all of you know the results of each and every one of them. Maybe I will be proven wrong when I say that Dulhan Henna Cone is the best in the world!  So keep your eye open for a new post!!!

Take care all and much love!


Diary of a Henna Addict: Entry #3

Henna Appointment on April 10, 2014

And I thought I wouldn’t have another appointment until May. Huh. Fortunately, I was wrong. That same week, I received a request from my sister in law’s sister, who was also at the Henna Party, to get two of the remaining sides of her hands done before the Wedding that Friday. I was more than happy to oblige.

So she came that night, two sides of her hands henna free. Two beautiful canvases ready to be drawn upon and to beautify. How should I do it, the question raced into my head. Ah well, as it is a wedding, might as well go all out.

I grabbed a tube of henna, giving it a gentle squeeze, testing out the flow of the paste on a white paper towel. The fragrant smell of henna drifted to my nose and I closed my eyes momentarily, letting the beautiful smell wash over me, relaxing and loosening up my muscles. And then my eyes opened, and I just knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Starting at the base of the wrist, I laid down a foundation, from which grew a beautiful flower, then another and then another. The leaves curled themselves around the flowers, fitting inside each other like pieces of puzzles, floating around on the hand in such magnificent harmony. Blossoming and curling, round and round, until they finally reached the fingertips, where they flourished and danced.

I looked up, coming out of the trance created by the patterns emerging from the tip of the tube, as if the tube had a will of its own. I rubbed my eyes. All done.

Her smile was radiant as she observed the handiwork. She was so pleased with the results. And that is what makes me do what I do. I love the smile of the girl sitting in front of me, happy with the beautification of her hands, hands which she probably would give much thought to on a regular basis but on this occasion, will stare at and flaunt to the world consciously.

The Beautiful Result!

The Beautiful Result!


Diary of a Henna Addict: Entry #2

Aaaah. I have completed my first ever appointment (April 05, 2014). Overall status: successful. Quick description: huge, exciting, tiring and satisfying. Shall I now go into details? (I tease)


So here is how my first job began. It was at a young bride-to-be’s “Mehendhi Party,” which is part of the Indian and Pakistani cultural weddings. Many rituals ensue, one of them being the ladies attending the wedding get their henna done on that day or around the day of the wedding. For this particular one, the henna was to be done at the “Mehendhi Party.” I was to arrive at the hall at 9:00 and stay for 2-3 hours or until the girls and the ladies had dispersed.

I showed up at the party with my sister-in-law, wearing a brown skirt draped in black lace, my crocheted flats, a nice brown top, and a leather jacket (I was trying to make an impression.) As I walked in through the hall doors, I was greeted by a flourish of colors and glittering jewels of the traditional Pakistani dress. Huh. Some impression.

I was then led to the back of the hall, where the friend of the bride arranged 3 chairs and a small table for me to lay out my things, like the henna cones and business cards.


Yup!!! I have finally got some business cards. I truly feel official now!!

And then the line began. About twenty girls/ladies lined up next to my area. So here’s my feedback on that evening’s job.

  • Floor seating is far more adequate for henna application than chairs. Actually, two chairs and a table where I can rest the hand of my customer and my own arms is far more adequate than both of these arrangements when it comes to comfort levels. When a hand has more support, application becomes easier and my speed is also increased along with the quality of my work. But in this case, I would like to have a floor seating due to the number of people who wanted to have henna applied. The whole “line-up” system only created tension as I was the only applicator there. If it was floor seating, the ladies and girls could all sit down comfortably around me. I feel like this would be a better solution for this kind of party because elder ladies were also present but they were not able to get any applied to them as they would have to wait in a long line, and most of them didn’t have the strength to stand in such a line, let alone any line.
  • I loved how there were people of many different backgrounds at the party so that the exposure level was very high. Everyone was really interested in the process and the history behind henna usage. A lot of the ladies were actually getting it done for the first time and they absolutely loved the experience and the exposure. I especially enjoyed applying henna to this absolutely adorable Caucasian elderly lady. She actually waited in line with her son and daughter, who helped her to stand on line. She waited so patiently and I hope that she was compensated for the wait.  ImageImage
  • One of the nicest part of the evening was the family support that the people who were getting their henna done. I loved having mothers, sisters, dads, in-laws, and husbands gathering around their loved ones as they had their hands adorned by me. And the happiness that they all experienced during that time was beautiful… to think that such an art could bring together members of families. It made me feel really great about what I do.

As it was my first official Henna Appointment, it was a bit tiring. Scratch that – it was exhausting! Overall, it was a very successful night.

Diary of a Henna Addict : Entry #1

Henna addict, you say? Well, let us look at  the definition of the word “addict.” Addict means “an enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity.” Yup, that’s me. Unless you take in the first definition, which is someone who abuses chemicals and substances, like a heroine addict. Nope, not that at all.

Anyway, I decided that I should actually start writing in this blog, which is the reason why I created it in the first place.

So, here I go.

Tonight, I have my first official Henna job at a lady’s “Mehendhi Party,” where I will be applying henna on dozens of ladies for a couple of hours. How do I feel? Well, to be honest, I feel reallllly nervous about this. I mean, I know I apply henna well and I can do this job full justice, but this is my first ever official job. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done many hands before and for payment as well, but this is my first ever appointment that I have gotten through my own efforts in advertisement (and, of course, by God’s grace).

So I’m nervous.

Also I’ve realized one crucial element that I have forgotten in regards to advertisement: business cards. Ya, I know, dumb move on my part. So I gotta get on that soon, God willing.

Enough about that.

Newest design that I’ve learned? THE ROSE!!! I was soooo excited when I finally made it and it came out not half bad. I shall post up the picture soon.

Okie dokie, that’s all for right now. I actually need to make sure that my henna cones are working and are in tip top shape for tonight. I will do my best to post pics from tonight and I will let you all know how my first job went!!!

Until then, take care

Nuzi, signing out!


Hiiiiiii!!! Sorry for the long gap in posts! Life happens, things come up… Although, God willing, I’ll be making my posts more regular.

First thing first, YAAAAAYYYYY I actually got two henna appointments thus far! I am kind of shocked and surprised I got these two opportunities so early in the game. I thought it would actually take a while before getting my first appointment. So I’m very excited but also very nervous. I reaaallllly hope that it works out well.

Meanwhile, I have been trying out different types of henna pastes. I know if I’m going professional I should be making my own pastes, but for now I have settled for trying out pre-made pastes. Of course I am only going to be using all natural pastes so that there is no problems, like allergic reactions or skin irritation due to excessive chemicals in some cones. Soooooo I will be getting back to you all with those reviews very soon!

Also I will be exploring the history of Body Art and Adorning.

Ok so take care!!! And keep an eye out for more posts!!!!